Let's hang out and climb our family trees together.


Do you have kids or grandkids who sit and watch other kids play videos games for hours on end?  It's a little baffling, right?

But, what they are doing is watching how it's done.  They are gaining confidence so that when they dive in they know they are doing it right.  They are also learning all the little tips and tricks that they would never pick up just trying to play the game on their own.

Well, this is like that.  Only with family history.

You get to watch a genealogist at work and see just how they do it.

Put on your pajamas, pull up your family tree, and join along as I explore my family tree.  Get tips and tricks along the way that you can apply to your own family tree climbing.  And, ask me questions as we go.

You interested?

Let's Do It

Beginner?  Intermediate?  Advanced?
There is something for everyone.

Bobby Jacobs

Crista is so easy to follow.  I learn so much from just listening and watching.  Thanks again for teaching.  Can't wait for the next session.

Sheila Wilson

Very interesting and, as always, I learned more about history as well as genealogy.  Crista, you are a wealth of information.

Beverly Leeming

I am amazed at how well Crista keeps track of all the details of all the clues and sifts through them.  These sessions are great demonstrations.

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