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We'll start at the very beginning – creating a family tree on I'll walk you through the process step by step, sharing tips and tricks to set up your tree effectively. We’ll cover everything from entering your first family members to understanding the different features Ancestry offers. This session is perfect for those who are new to the platform or for anyone who wants to make sure they're utilizing every tool available for their family history research.


DNA testing has revolutionized genealogy, offering new ways to connect with family and unlock past generations. In this session, we'll dive into AncestryDNA. I'll explain how DNA is inherited, what to expect from your test results, and most importantly, how to use your results to make meaningful connections and discoveries. This session is ideal for anyone curious about genetic genealogy or for those who have taken an AncestryDNA test and want to understand their results better.


Whether you are brand new to family history research or have been around for a while, it's always important to learn basic search and REsearch strategies. In this session, I'll share my top strategies for effective genealogical research. We'll explore how to use those leaf hints and search features on I'll also share other places to look for genealogical records. This session is for anyone who want to deepen their research skills and uncover more about their family history.


Whether you have questions about navigating, interpreting AncestryDNA results, overcoming research roadblocks, or just need advice on where to start, this is your opportunity to get personalized guidance. Expect an engaging, interactive experience where your questions are answered with screen sharing and step by step tutorials at your pace.



Each session is 90 minutes long, offering ample time for learning and discussion. I encourage you to join live, as there will be opportunities to ask questions and interact. This is your chance to get personalized advice and insights from an experienced genealogist. However, if you can't make it to the live session, don't worry! A recording will be available within 24 hours, so you can catch up at your convenience.

Everyone who registers for the series will receive access to the library of recordings for all videos in the beginners' series.