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Want to discover your family history for yourself?  Use Ancestry®.  It's free to sign up and build a family tree.  Subscribe when you want access more than 60 billion records from 88 countries around the world.

Ever get stuck looking for your ancestors and feel like you need to send out a search party?  This video course walks you step by step through the best method for finding them.  Click to learn more.

This desktop software syncs with your online tree at Ancestry® and has some robust features.  You'll see me use it often in our pajamas & pedigrees sessions.

If you haven't tested everyone in your family by now (especially the oldest generation), what are you waiting for? It is the fastest way to make family history discoveries.

I print a working chart every year.  I have a set style chart for every season. And, custom charts make the best gifts.

(I love them so much, I just bought the company!) 

Four Books Every Family Tree Climber Should Have In Their Library


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