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Crista Cowan Podcast

Announcing the Heartwarming Podcast You Never Knew You Needed

news podcast May 02, 2024

What if the most powerful way to strengthen your family’s future is to look to the past?

You’ve done an amazing job raising your kids.  But now, they are grown (or almost so).  Your family is evolving.  Relationships are shifting as your children start to find their own way in the world.  Before you know it you will be someone’s mother-in-law and then someone’s grandma (hopefully several someones).

It can feel challenging to maintain your family identity and sense of closeness with all these changes coming so fast.  Not to mention the process of rediscovering your personal identity now that your children don’t need you in quite the same way.

I’m Crista Cowan, known online as The Barefoot Genealogist.  And, I’m so excited to announce my new podcast, Stories That Live In Us.

I created this podcast to inspire you to form deeper connections with your family - past, present, and future.  All families are messy and life is constantly changing but we don’t have to allow that to disconnect us.  I’ve spent my whole life discovering the power of family history and I know that sharing the stories that live in you can change everything.

Join me as I delve into my own family’s past and share the way it has shaped my identity. I also interview guests who bring their unique family histories to the table. We’ll explore the paths they’ve taken to uncover these narratives, the profound impact of these discoveries, and their hopes for how these stories will influence future generations.

This show isn’t just about tracing your genealogy or filling out a family tree - it’s about bringing that tree to life through the stories it holds.  Each episode is crafted to help you uncover those stories and then share them in a way that can deepen your family connections in ways you may never have considered.

Tune in weekly to receive inspiration and guidance that will help you use family stories to craft a powerful family narrative, contributing to your family’s identity and creating a legacy of resilience, healing, and connection.

Do I really believe family history is that powerful?  Absolutely!

As you step with me into this world of family storytelling, remember, this journey is about more than just learning where you come from.  It’s about better perspective, deeper connections, and a more empowering identity for you, your children, and your grandchildren.  Maybe even for generations to come.  One story at a time.

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