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Family ChartMasters Announcement

Family ChartMasters Announces New Ownership

news resources Apr 04, 2024

I've watched this amazing company grow over the last twenty years  into something really special that fills a big need in the genealogy industry.  Along the way, I befriended the owners and they have become an important part of my life and my own family history journey.  Beautiful family tree charts they designed hang in my home and the homes of many of my family members and friends.  So, when the opportunity came to buy the company, I didn't hesitate.

I'm so impressed with what Kim and Janet have built.  And, I'm honored to continue their legacy.

[EDIT] - Read the additional comment below the press release for the answer to the most common question I am getting today.



[Pleasant Grove, Utah] — Family ChartMasters, the leader in custom genealogy chart design and printing, is excited to announce a new chapter in its history. Crista Cowan, known online as The Barefoot Genealogist, has acquired the company from Janet Hovorka, continuing and expanding the vision of making family history more visible and cherished in homes around the world.

Founded by Janet and Kim Hovorka more than 20 years ago, Family ChartMasters has become synonymous with high-quality, personalized genealogy charts, helping thousands of families create conversation pieces showcasing the family history they have uncovered. Following the passing of co-founder Kim Hovorka in 2021, Janet continued on with their team but Kim was such an important part of Family Chartmasters that it was difficult to go forward without him. Fortunately, Crista's passion for genealogy and commitment to the company's values and mission have paved the way for a promising future.

Janet expressed her gratitude and optimism, stating, "It's with a heart full of optimism that I pass the torch to Crista. Knowing her dedication to family history and her vision for Family ChartMasters, I am confident she will continue our legacy of preserving family stories with the same love and care we've poured into this company."

Under Crista's leadership, Family ChartMasters will continue to offer a range of family tree printing and design services.  Blank charts, to be manually filled in, are a great way to get started. Set style charts allow digital family tree data to quickly be imported for printing.  Working charts are a favorite for displaying the family tree at the next reunion.  The signature custom designed chart service offers an opportunity to work with a designer to create archival quality heirloom pieces that engage all generations.

Crista Cowan shared her enthusiasm in taking on this new role, "I am deeply honored to continue the legacy that Janet and Kim built. Their work has touched so many lives, including my own. I'm committed to maintaining and enhancing the services we provide. My goal is to see a family tree on the wall of every home, providing a visual representation of the stories that live in us and the bonds that connect us."


For more information about Family ChartMasters and its offerings, please visit


About Family ChartMasters:

Family ChartMasters is the leading provider of custom genealogy charts, with a mission to preserve family memories. Offering a wide range of design and printing services, they have helped create more than 40,000 charts for clients in 64 countries around the world, turning complex family history data into beautiful, meaningful artwork.


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So, there's the big news.  The most common question I am getting today in light of this news?  "Are you still going to be working for Ancestry?"

Yes!  Kim and Janet built a great infrastructure and a talented team who will continue to do the design work and customer service for Family ChartMasters. I've tapped my brother and sister-in-law, to run the day to day operations of the company.

I will continue my work as the Corporate Genealogist at Ancestry.  There are a lot of people who still don't know about how family history can improve their lives and their relationships.  I want to keep influencing and teaching where I have the most impact and for now that is at Ancestry.

Also, Ancestry doesn't want to be in the chart printing business.  And, I want to make sure there is a family tree on the wall of every home.

So, build your family tree at Ancestry.  Take a DNA test.  Make new family history discoveries.  Then, come to Family ChartMasters and we will work with you to design a gorgeous work of art that honors your efforts and your ancestors.  Then, get a family tree chart designed for your daughter and her new husband to display at their wedding reception.  And, have us create a chart for your new grandbaby's nursery.