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Family ChartMasters Announces New Ownership

I've watched this amazing company grow over the last twenty years  into something really special that fills a big need in the genealogy industry.  Along the...

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Spring Cleaning - Family History Style

After a long winter, it's time for a little spring cleaning.  So, take a break from prepping your garden, deep cleaning your house, and shampooing the...

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Three Simple Ways to Keep That RootsTech Energy Going

If you were there in person, you know how much you missed.  If you participated virtually, there's more to learn. If you didn't get to RootsTech at all in 2023,...

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Love Your Lineage - a new family history podcast

Since 2011, I have ended every episode of The Barefoot Genealogist with the tag line, "Have fun climbing your family tree."  For me, whether I am making...

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When Was the Last Time You Printed Your Family Tree?

Every year I print my family tree and hang it up where I can see it often. It’s like a map of the journey that I’m on. I want to know where I’ve...

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